About me

By education… I am a teacher of English.

I teach students of all ages (primary school pupils, teenagers and university students as well as adults on different levels of language knowledge). I work with individual students and groups helping them prepare for exams. I also run group classes and courses on educating students in methods of learning.

By interest… I am children’s author.

I write children’s fiction (stories, poems and songs). I also like to combine the professional experience with my love for writing. I translate literature for children and write books, poems and songs for learning and playing with the language.

Writing is my passion.

Every new book I work on and new projects  give me a lot of joy and  satisfaction.  They bring new experience that improves my writing skills. For that reason I like collaborating with different publishers  and develop my skills in various topics.

It has been over a decade since I published my first books. Till now I have collaborated with many publishers and organizations but the main one is SKRZAT. We have created some bestselling titles such as The Stunts of Bart the Clover, George the Inventor (On  the track of his talent), Tea Time Stories, The Secret of a Magic Stamp Book, Songs for Children and many more.

My dream is to win the hearts of children not only in Poland but also abroad that is why I am interested in collaboration with foreign publishers. Should You be interested in my books, foreign rights or collaboration contact me via email , please, and…